We provide a proposal with the following characteristics: [time] at the right time in terms of week and trend. [Place] The right products on the right place. [Stakeholders] Addressing the appropriate audience. [Price] Providing at a low price is not necessarily the right price.



However, a proposition with high sales is not by definition successful. More important is that, at the end of a campaign, the operation should proceed well. We aim together with our partners and channels for the best possible chain, so that our operations are optimized and sales can be maximized. As for delivery methods, we do drop shipping, delivering to the end consumer, as well as warehouse delivery. This provides the most added value for the consumer.



We are convinced that the consumer should be given comprehensive information on distance selling. In addition to complete product descriptions and characteristics, images are the triggers that lead to a purchase. Providing these will drive sales and eventually lead to high volumes and success.



Together with manufacturers we develop products tailored to our channels by using our commercial knowledge. By already taking distance selling into account at this early stage, we can apply the most efficient supply chain.


Travelin’ outdoor

Travelin’ designs and manufactures shoes and boots. All of our factories are located in Europe, which allows us to easily visit factories and act where necessary. The fact that we purchase the materials used, for instance leather, enables us to guarantee and maintain our product quality.

Moreover, Travelin’ always utilizes the latest technologies in order to secure product functionality and quality. Since all products are designed and manufactured with passion, we will never compromise on quality.


Where Travelin’ is focused on being active on the outside, No GRZ is made for the opposite, urban people who are used to the pavement, ergo no gras. Yet also No GRZ is made from premium quality made to endure the cold weather and rain. With real leather and cotton.

NoGRZ products are designed in the Netherlands and manufactured in the south of Europe. The No GRZ collection is unique and ready for the urban life.


Mr. Den Broeck is obsessed by selecting finest leather and best resources for making the shoes, some of the shoe-builders (that how he calls them) are working for mr. Den Broeck for ages.
The Shoes are designed and hand-crafted in Europe. we only use high-quality and natural materials.

The brand DenBroeck is available at the better retail stores around the world, due to our central warehousing and small sized company we can compete with the big boyz.


Breazz is a young and fresh furniture brand in the heart of Amsterdam. Breazz continuously plays with the trends in the market. As a result, we have new models in our collection every year. The models vary from modern to classical or from Industrial to Scandinavian. You can use Breazz furniture in any room of your home, your garden or in your office.

All our products are developed by us or sourced in the Netherlands and abroad. Breazz works with sustainable and innovative materials. Quality is of paramount importance.

The Pearsons

The roots of The Pearsons date back to 1721 in Whitfield. This village is located in Northamptonshire in England and is the birthplace of Europe for tanning leather. The Pearson family was one of the families who was fortunate to praise themselves with a successful tannery.

We are driven by ambition. We want to design the best leather products and deliver them from the source. we always think about how we can offer it better, faster, nicer and sharper on the market


Flash deals

We provide various online platform promotions. Often these are current stocks, some suppliers sell their overstock through us. We work with different online platforms within Europe.


We provide publishers with the right reader propositions, so that besides advertising and subscriptions a third income stream is generated. Here, publishers may have their own shop or we can facilitate this with software we developed. Our products are of such quality that the reliability of the publisher is guaranteed.

Loyalty programs

Along with various loyalty programs, we put together an assortment tailored to its members. In addition to generating revenue, it is important for these organizations to create a bond with its members.


Retailers utilize our products to provide promotional products that are not in the core range, but fit in well with their target audience. For example, Travelin’ slippers at Blokker.


Ecommerce parties who do not wish to have the full range in stock, include our products in their range while we serve the customers. We mainly dropship the orders in name of the Ecommerce platform with for example packing slips adjusted to the needs of the platform.




Manufacturers and suppliers approach us to develop joint product propositions. We also approach suppliers as we see opportunities in the market to develop them together.



For both brands and foreign parties we are asked to exclusively distribute the alternative channels (flash deals, loyalty and publishers).



For several suppliers and manufacturers we provide accelerated sales of their remaining stocks with a reasonable income.



A proposition with high sales is not by definition successful. At the end of a campaign the operation should proceed well. We aim together with our partners and channels on the best possible chain, so that the operation is optimized.


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